Thursday, August 26, 2010

Curral Velho, Brasil

The fishing communities in the northeast of Brazil have the strength and courage to continue fighting to protect their coastlines and the marine ecosystem. In Curral Velho (which means “old trap” and is the type of fishing trap still used to fish) they have three intruders to fight: mass tourism, wind power and shrimp farms. The people united to defend access to the sea, although wind farms and shrimp farms are encroaching on their community. A shrimp farm sits on each side of the community and the company wanted to connect the two farms, which would have cut off access to the sea.

Despite death threats, the community resisted and a large salt plain continues to span the area between Curral Velho and the sea. Antonio Jose Conceicao Feitosa, a fisherman from Curral Velho says, “We may live in the community of the 'Old Trap,' but we will not be trapped.”

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